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December 2nd, 2013, 06:48 AM
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i love Christmas its the best time of yr for me , my tree is up ( has been for a bit lol )

as is our lifestyle i have a black tree with blue lights and all the decs match blue and purple ,looks lovely and drives dh mad as his so anti Christmas miserable sod lol

i let kids open one present on Christmas eve ,i also do the whole leave a glass of milk and cookie for santa ,sprinkle iceing sugar on the floor and do hoof prints to say santa and raindeer have been , the little ones love waking up to all the presents under the tree ,there little faces stop my heart bless them ,

then all family come up . the men and boys go fishing and me and the woman and girls cook ,when dinners ready they all come home , its great having them all out the way while i just get on with it .

i don't shop for my own pressie but sometimes wish i did lol

I am 39 and DH is 40, we have 5 kids

George 15

Lexie 14

Lenny 11

Billy 7

Ellie 3

Trying for number 6 but will be number one with DH

DH Kids

Andrew 20

Holly 18

Amelia 4
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