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December 2nd, 2013, 11:59 AM
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Well I just got back from an interesting dr appointment. During the NST Toren wasn't moving. His heart was beating away but even with some stomach poking and wiggling he didn't move (which is really unusual for him). They had me drink some apple juice and almost right away he started kicking around (he loves him some food, my chunker)! But then they kept me hooked up to the monitors because I was having steady contractions. I was told about every 7 minutes. They told me if they increase to every 5 minutes they want me to go to the Hospital. I go back in a week and they are going to do a BPP ultrasound.

I guess they are just being cautious but it has me a little worried. What if I can't feel all the contractions or can't tell if they are every 5 minutes?

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