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December 2nd, 2013, 02:13 PM
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So I had my appointment with my high risk doctor today. Best doctor I've got, so understanding. So the appointment started off well, BP was higher than they like the first time, they have me do deep breaths and take it again and it always falls into the acceptable range. Went over my anatomy scan results. He said everything looked perfect and she's measuring right on track. My blood sugars have been a bit higher than he'd like so I am to take an extra pill at lunch to keep my daytime numbers under control. But these are the lowest dose pills they have, so still not terrible. He even asked if I wanted an u/s today or just a HB listen. Since I just had the u/s last week and could feel her wiggling at that moment I said a HB listen was fine (I would have chose the u/s if the machine was in the room, but they have to bring it in). So then he asked if I wanted to wait to be seen again until I had my next appointment with the regular OB in a month or if I wanted to come back in to see him in 2 weeks. I said I'd prefer to come back in 2 weeks because of my history I'm nervous. He said that sounded perfect and we'd do an u/s then.
Then he broke the sad news - he has to retire at the end of the year Boo. I guess Kaiser has an age limit of 65 for practicing doctors. So that will mean I get a new high risk doctor. This will be my 4th doctor/midwife not including the nutrition counselor, and the genetics counselor, and the ER doctor I saw. I just hope my new doctor will be as great as he is.

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