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December 2nd, 2013, 04:37 PM
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So I went and got a 2nd opinion from an OB because I felt like my regular OB was blowing me off and I saw the maternal fetal health doctor too.

The first appointment (ob) was fine, he's very laid back and nice but he said a few things that just made me feel worse. One of the things was he called progesterone and baby aspirin voodoo. He said that with miscarriages that you can't prevent them and that it's all basically voodoo to make the mom feel like she was doing something to prevent the loss. Ugh. So there's that. Not to mention I had to wait over 2 hours between waiting to be seen, doing the ultrasound and such.

Then my maternal fetal health doctor (high risk guy). He's great, he totally saved my daughters life. He wants me to wait until we see a heartbeat to talk about blood thinner and said to come back in 3 weeks, which seems like a lifetime to me. But he's really great and he is the best in the area. But I can't just wait without worrying.

Which also brings me to how I'm feeling. I'm so exhausted. I know it's taking a toll on my husband and me but I am just emotionally/physically exhausted. I am THRILLED to be pregnant. I can't even explain how happy I am about it but I can't relax, I can't enjoy it, I can't just carry on and be happy because I am so worried about losing the baby. I worry about it all day long. I'm not stressing out per say, I just think about it. I am trying to keep calm and just take each day as it comes but darn it I want to be able to enjoy this pregnancy as I know it will be my last and I want to cherish this time but I can't.

I have friends that are pregnant and they just don't get it. They tell me that I'm obsessing over it and need to let it be but they don't get it. I can't just "let it be" even though I'm trying to. Having lost 3 babies this year has completely changed who I am and my outlook on things and I don't think anyone (except you ladies of course) can understand that and that makes it hard to really be able to confide in anyone.
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