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December 2nd, 2013, 09:21 PM
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Hi and congrats on the pg! I have not experienced all the things that you have, such as the window or almost rupturing but I certainly share your concerns of the c-section. I will be have my 7th c-section in June, my last one was 8 months ago. As far as my ob said I have very little scar tissue and maybe small thinning if any, she wasn't concerned about a repeat if needed... which we thought it would much later if at all but here we are. I was terrified with my 5th which was 7 years after my 4th, but it all went fine and then my 6th came along this April and I was even more terrified. Thankfully hers went along without issue as well. The scheduled c-sections generally go much smoother than one that wasn't planned, everything is set up, the dr and nurses are ready and it's pretty calm and routine really. You can ask your ob the morning of the section for something to calm you before the surgery, that helped me. Although I am not sure what they gave me, but it was safe for the baby. I would also sit down with your ob now and talk to him/her about your fears, I am sure they can explain to you what will happen and help you feel much more calm, plus you are seeing the high risk specialist and that is their job to make sure mom and baby come out just fine. I'll keep you in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

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