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December 3rd, 2013, 04:58 AM
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Crafting sounds fun! Must share pics.

So, some of you may remember me irritated about my buddy taking forever to do the blankets out of Dan's clothes.
I forgot to tell you she sent pics(in black and white cuz she wanted to keep some a surprise lol. I think she forgot I've seen the clothes and know their colors well lol).

Any who, they are looking good and should be done this month. She said she was going slower cuz it was really getting to her emotionally, more than she thought it would and she wasn't gonna do anything to mess them up.

Now I don't necessarily believe all that but at least they are getting done and not still in a box or anything.

Today is errand running, bathroom cleaning, Connor to the counselor, and that Hospice gathering if the sitter shows up as planned.

ETA...I just fell backwards into the shower/tub. I suggest never doing that lol.
My day already needs a do over.

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