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December 3rd, 2013, 07:15 AM
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Hi everyone, I am new to this board not new to jm though

My beautiful Mia was born in December 2009, we were told by doctors in 2008 that we wouldnt be able to conceive naturally and we had quit trying to have any more children when we got a wonderful surprise and found out we were having Mia.
Mia was small at birth 4lbs 10oz and 16 inches long (born at 36 weeks), she was never a very good sleeper or eater as a baby, she started sleeping through the night finally at 19 months old.
She was about avergae in development started walking at 13 months old made all the normal cognitive developments (babbling turning into talking etc) and was a very happy baby. As she grew older she started to become the bully at daycare (which was kinda cute just saying since she was always so much smaller than all the other kids), she started to reject the idea of listening to me or my dh, or anyone for that matter in anyway at all, it gradually got worse and worse.
At 3 she had been asked to leave 5 daycares, I was devastated. I didnt want to admit that my precious miracle baby could be anything but a pleasure for anyone to have in their centre. This is when me and dh sat down and started really talking about Mia and what we are dealing with.
She is a very bright little girl, she knows the alphabet, can count to 30 and can count to 20 by 5, she can dress herself and brush her hair and teeth very well.
BUT she also is very hyper, she doesnt have a low gear at all ever, she hardly sleeps now and she gets up early before the sun comes up every day (almost always before 5am) . She is abusive to herself and her family, her older sister is 13 and she makes her older sister cry almost daily, she has a lot of anger in her although we have tried everything to make her feel like the most important thing in our world. She gets very frustrated with her self constantly and when she can't do something as easily as she would like she will hurt herself, (ie. doing a puzzle is a nightmare somedays and if she cant complete the puzzle without help she will bite herself hit herself in the face etc)
We finally after some heated debates with my dh decided to as the doctor suggested start Mia on 10mg biphetin every morning. Its only been a couple days so we havent seen a change yet, getting the med into her is a challenge and I am hoping someone here can offer suggestions on easier ways of dispensing meds to a 4 year old that is very hard to try new things with!

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