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December 3rd, 2013, 07:29 AM
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Pregnant Ladies: What will your baby sleep in? Co sleeper, crib, rocker, swing?

Where will baby sleep? own room, your room, siblings room?

What will baby sleep as far as clothing? PJs, swaddlers, sleepsacks, blankets?

For Moms: What did your baby sleep in?
Where did your baby sleep?
What did your baby sleep in as far as clothing?

We have an Arms Reach Co-sleeper that I will put next to our bed and he will sleep in there. I plan on breastfeeding and having his close is so nice. Both my other kids slept in it and it worked great.

own room, your room, siblings room? he will sleep in our room until hes around 6 or 7 months. Then he will have his own room. I moved my other 2 boys to their own room around 7 months.

pjs, swaddlers, sleepsack, blankets? I have some swaddle sacks that I will use if he likes them. Neither of my other boys like them so if he hates them I won't use them. I just used PJs for my other 2 boys. I didn't give blankets for a long time. Jacob just started using one and he's 19 months.

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