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December 3rd, 2013, 09:15 AM
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Do you tip the delivery driver? At first I thought you meant package delivery drivers like UPS, no I've never tipped them, but they never bring it to the door either. In fact he leaves the stuff at the bottom of our long (on a hill) driveway. As for like pizza delivery, they don't deliver to us (dirt road), so we've never had delivery.
Do you tip at a buffet where they bring you drinks?Yes. I used to work in restaurants and DH works room service. So we know that servers/bussers live on tips.
Do you tip your hair dresser? Yes! Gotta keep the hair looking as good as I can

How much do you tip?
Really depends. If it's my hair dresser I tend to tip over 20% because she does an awesome job and my hair is so thick it takes twice as long as normal. So I tip her around 25%. Eating out depends on if it's a place where they just clear the tables (like Phil's BBQ) then it will be less since they aren't doing as much as a full service restaurant. So anywhere from 5% - 20%.

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