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December 3rd, 2013, 01:51 PM
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Pregnant Ladies: What will your baby sleep in? Co sleeper, crib, rocker, swing?

Baby will sleep in our bed, we always cosleep and bedshare. I will have a bassinet too.

Where will baby sleep? own room, your room, siblings room?

In our room. Then whenever baby is ready in a shared room with one of the siblings.

What will baby sleep as far as clothing? PJs, swaddlers, sleepsacks, blankets?

Those footed pj's or just a diaper.

For Moms: What did your baby sleep in?

Depending on which kid depends on what they slept in. My oldest slept in her own crib pretty much from the day she was born. My middle son, our bed until 12 months old. My third was until about 12 months old. And my fourth- she's still in our bed.

Where did your baby sleep?

1st- her room, 2nd- my room/his room, 3rd- my room/her room, 4th- my room.

What did your baby sleep in as far as clothing?

1st- pajamas, 2nd- pajamas, 3rd- just a diaper 4th- just a diaper
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