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December 3rd, 2013, 03:02 PM
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So I haven't really talked about it much on here, actually I guess I don't really post much but wanted to share with you guys and maybe see if ya'll could keep us in your thoughts. So RaeLynn has a problem with one leg and one arm. Just looking at her you would never see it, but she will barely use her right arm and when she does it is newborn type movements with no control whatsoever and even then she RARELY will lift it about shoulder level. With her leg when she is standing she rolls her foot and stands on the side of her foot most of the time and even when she doesn't do that she wont put her heel down she stands on the toes, and if you stand her in you lap you can feel that she does not actually put any weight on that foot she stands with all her weight on the other and if you try and get her to put weight on that foot her leg just folds under. Now I have been trying to get a doc to take me seriously and really look at both the leg and the arm since she was about a month old. The response has always been she is young it will correct itself, or its ok don't be such a worry wart(well maybe not those EXACT words but you get the point). Finally last month I got a doc to listen to me, about the arm anyways, he told me that I should call in ECI to start with and we would go from there. ECI brought in a Physical Therapist. Fast forward to today, the doc calls me and says he had a long talk with her PT yesterday and that between what he saw a month ago and what the PT saw last week they believe she needs to see a specialist. They think she has nerve damage in her arm and something bone related going on with her leg. So next week we have to drive to a specialist over 500 miles away(sometimes it really sucks to live where I live). Hopefully they will be able to do something for her. So I guess what I am saying is wish us luck and send us some good thoughts if you can. Have a great day ladies!

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