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December 3rd, 2013, 03:41 PM
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Awesome for 12 weeks! I too was terrified about stopping progesterone. My RE told me to stop when I saw him at 11 weeks. My progesterone level at that time was 38.2 (crazy high). He told me the same thing- that the placenta takes over about 10 weeks, and if he gave progesterone to a non-pregnant woman, her levels would be between 5-10. Knowing my level was already so high, that the placenta was doing what it needed to do, helped me mentally. If you know what your progesterone is now, that might help- the pills are only gilding the lily at this point.

I am now 16 weeks and everything is fine.

I had some headaches after I stopped it- I went from 100mg 2x a day to nothing. I wish I'd tapered down to 100mg 1x a day, or even every other day, instead of cold turkey.
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