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December 3rd, 2013, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by ChicaChels View Post
We have to evaluate a TV show character that depicts a childhood behavior disorder. I dont watch any shows that have that, and google isnt much help...does anyone watch a show that might display it? It has to be a child, or I would do Michael Schofield from prison break but I am CLUELESS on a child?!

this is the actual assignment

Examine television characters that portray child behavior that could be considered abnormal. Provide details about the behavior, including how other characters react to it. Were there stereotypes about abnormal behavior that were being used deliberately by the producers and what effect they are pursuing?
I think the key there is "that PORTRAY child behavior" -- So you are looking for someone who portrays one of the child like behaviors. If you take Erik Eriksons Psychosocial stages such as -- Initiative vs. Guilt -- if you have ever watched House MD you can talk about House -- he is a good one with that stage.

Look at that -- I FINALLY put my 55,000 dollar Masters Degree in Psych to use! How about that! LOL
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