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December 3rd, 2013, 06:19 PM
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Is Budweidser Gardens an arena? The acoustics in there could be pretty cool for the kind of show STOMP is. The Centre in the Square is just so nice and cushiony for a preggo lady to sit in though lol.

DH prefers backroads anyways....and the show we'd go see there is Saturday evening which is good, and we'd probably go for dinner somewhere there. I used to travel all the time to London for work...its such a boring stretch of the 401...its typically not quite as busy as it is closer to TO which is good.

Jessifer, you could never pay me enough to live in TO!!! My mom lived there in her early 20s before she met my dad and loved it though. And a ton of friends I went to university with live/work there. Its just not for me. I "talk" to other vehicles around me far too much as it is LOL. I'd have high blood pressure etc. all the time!
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