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December 4th, 2013, 03:30 PM
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So Hailey has two bottom teeth and she has begun to bite when she nurses. holy @%*#)"%#&% it hurts!!!!! i kept saying to dh 'i can't believe she hasn't drawn blood yet.' well i ate my words today...she bit and pulled at the same time and definitely drew some blood. ugh it hurts just thinking about it lol. i dont know what to do...i tell her 'no' or 'ouch that hurts' but being 5 months old she doesnt really care lol. it seems to be only during the day when she's wide awake. during the night or if she's very sleepy she wont bite. i tend to give her the boob anytime she seems fussy so a lot of times she's not actually hungry...perhaps she is just biting when she doesn't want to eat? if so, point well taken little lady! anyone else have a biter? i'm considering pumping instead..i really don't want to but if it means me not getting bitten all the time i might have to.
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