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December 4th, 2013, 10:02 PM
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Very easy fix to this! And you can always modify it to your comfort, but the key is suddenness and consistency!

When your LO chomps down:

Step 1: Immediately unlatch say "NO!" very firmly. Sometimes that is enough after a few tries. But sometimes not.

Step 2: While saying "NO!" very firmly, tap (*not* flick or hit or smack) their mouth. This surprises them and calls attention to the thing that is committing the offense. It is not intended to hurt, it is an attention getter. If this doesn't work then go on to:

Step 3: Unlatch, say "NO!" and tap their mouth, and then immediately plunk them down on the floor or in a seat. Some moms walk away for a few minutes to tend to their wounds while others will sit and wait a minute looking at their kid. Whichever! The important thing is for the child to understand that when they bite the fun times END! After enough time has passed that you feel is appropriate (a few seconds to a few minutes, or if it is the end of a session anyways the next session) you can pick them up and latch them back on.

This worked like a charm on Alex. I'd sit him on the floor next to me and he'd cry and mouth his fingers. I'd say "Biting hurts! Don't do it!" and then pick him up again. After a bit they start watching you to see if you're watching them and you can sometimes guess when they're about to and say "NO!" and they'll stop. Alex would always laugh at me when I foiled his plans but he knew what I meant when I said "NO!".

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