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December 5th, 2013, 06:11 AM
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DH and I have been preparing for a "major"(I live Northeastern AR) winter storm. My parents gave us a generator back in 09(they bought a new one and the old one still worked). So Dh spent some time yesterday making sure that it was in proper working order. It's not big enough to power the whole house, but it will run the fridge and an electric skillet. Which is enough to get by. We also have a small propane heater that will keep the living room and kitchen comfortable. Our current forecasted accumulations are (all inches) 1/2 rain, 1/2-1 ice, 1-2 sleet, 2-3 snow. Our temperature will fall all day today(it was 73 yesterday) and is currently 49.

We have stocked up on groceries and have enough supplies to last a few days. We are expecting another round of winter weather sat. night into Sunday.

Here's hoping we get more sleet/snow and less/no ice. Dh had a final in the morning during what is supposed to be the worst of our weather, but his teacher heeded the warnings we've been getting and made the final a take home. So we won't have to go out unless something happens.

I am making sure my phone is charged, but will conserve my battery if our electricity goes off. So I might be MIA a few days.

Do you get much winter weather where you live? Do you make special preparations? Will you have to go out in this weather? Do you do anything else to be ready for winter weather?

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