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December 5th, 2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Irish_Wristwatch View Post
i live in canada, we have snow 4-5 sometimes 6 months out of the year, so we dont do anything special to prepare, were expecting it, just like every year obviously we go out in the snow, unless the road conditions are not good then we just wait a day and go out later
Yeah, I'm another Canadian. I'm pretty accustomed to nasty weather. I really hate driving in snow storms and avoid it at all costs.

If we know we're having a BAD storm, sometimes my bosses will close the office or allow me to stay home (I live outside of town, so the back roads can be quite dangerous).

The few times that storms have kept us in the house all together, they've been ice storms. Those are terrible. Thick coatings of ice on EVERYTHING, no power, falling trees.

Of course, due to the regular occurrence of snow storms here, we're all used to and expect power outages..sometimes lasting for days. We have a large generator, 4-wheel-drive vehicles, and plenty of food on hand. We also have a snow-blower that gets used a lot. We live on a higher elevation, so it's not unusual to get 10-30cm over night sometimes, and we still have to get to work.. lol

Good luck with your storm! I hope everything is alright and it passes without causing too much damage.
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