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December 5th, 2013, 11:54 AM
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Oh honey I am so sorry. I know how hurt you must have been when he said that. I know I would have been very hurt but then my hurt would have turned to anger.

I would definitely talk to him and tel him how hurt you were by his words and maybe you guys can compromise. Maybe instead of actual sex you can do other things to help him out with his frustration. I'm guessing that his hurtful words were more out of frustration than anything and that he didn't really mean them.

I would definitely talk to your dr at your next appointment and get his take on the sex issue and see if it would be a problem. I know if your dr is anything like mine, mine will tell me whether it is or not and then if I want him to he will tell DH that sex is out of the question until the baby is born.

I hope he realizes how mean and hurtful his words were and hopefully he will apologize.

I go to bed alot earlier than my DH also usually about an hour or so because I'm so tired and I will usually just tell him that if he wants some play he better come to bed now because if not I'll be asleep when he finally does and there will be no play then.

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