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December 5th, 2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Miagirl View Post
Thank you for your response. Do you have any information to share about giving yourself Lovenox shots while pregnant? How do you give yourself shots in the belly when you are pregnant? Have you had a previous DVT? I'm scared because I know it's a risk if I do get pregnant but I also don't want to live my life in fear. We are not even trying at this point just gathering information. I would love one more child but my situation is not just an easy one. There are lots of risks involved.

Were there any concerns with taking Lovenox that could cause the baby issues? Can you breast feed while using it?

Thank you.
I have not struggled too hard with the shots, but I am not one to be squimish about things like that (I have gotten blood drawn and had IVs often in my life, not related at all to the clotting issue). Amazingly enough, giving shots in the pregnant belly sounds worse than it is. You still have a little layer of fat and muscle on top of the bump that you can pull up a bit to make a pocket to put the shot into. It sounds scary, but it's only scary the first few times you do it. Make sure a nurse shows you how to do it properly. And it does burn a little bit when injecting the solution. And you will bruise pretty intensely. Your pregnant bump won't be pretty down where the shots are. But it's pretty small potatoes compared to not have a baby, ya know?

I have not had a DVT. My mom had a serious blood clot after having leg surgery back about 10 years ago. I had my first child in 2009 and he was premature with a degraded clotty placenta (but not premature enough to warrant tons of testing). After my first, we started trying for our second as soon as my post partum period came back. But had a string of losses ranging from 4-9 weeks along. We had testing done and I tested positive for a blood clotting condition that has the potential to cause clots (my mom has since been diagnosed with the same condition). So I started on aspirin daily and then have to also take lovenox to maintain a pregnancy. Which seemed to work, since I have two healthy children (both were term babies) while using lovenox.

From what I know, there are some risks of taking lovenox. The package insert lists a few. I truthfully tried not to read it too carefully, since I knew I had to take the meds no matter what and I was already so nervous after my losses. I know it will automatically make your pregnancy more monitored. I had multiple ultrasounds and the docs start NSTs and BPPs around 34 weeks. Just as a precaution. Once the baby is here, lovenox is not thought to have lasting effects on the child. Although I guess they can't be sure. My children have not had issues at birth or after. If I remember correctly, lovenox does go into the placenta, but doesn't cross into the baby. Therefore any complications wouldn't be with the baby itself, but rather complications of the placenta. If you know what I mean by that. I don't think the baby is affected by the medication. But, again, this is all from memory. I don't have a box sitting around here otherwise I would look for you. You would ask your doc about that specifically.

And I don't have any experience nursing extendedly on lovenox. I only took it for a week after birth then stopped it. But, yes, it was fine for me nursing in that week. No nurse ever mentioned not taking it (I guess because the risk-benefit analysis was in favor of it). I don't think they really know much about taking it while nursing, since it's so hard to have a controlled study and most women who take blood thinners on a regular basis take a different one (Coumadin, Heprin, etc). As far as I know lovenox is not a typical maintenance drug. I only have to take aspirin not pregnant. So I don't know much about the stronger blood thinners and nursing.

Sorry I don't much more. I do understand making that risk analysis. It would be harder knowing I had had a clot before. But mine is mostly preventative. I know that ladies who have had clots in the past often take a higher dose of lovenox and the doctors usually monitor the levels to make sure it's at the best dosage. I think with the proper following by a doctor, your pregnancy could be pretty low-risk. If you aren't getting the information you need from your current doctor, I would try to find someone who has experience with lovenox and blood clots in previous pregnancies. The doc who managed my second two pregnancies was very knowledgable and answered all the questions I had very thoroughly. He is even fine with us wanting another child. I had a complication with my most recent birth (no way to know if it was caused or complicated by the blood thinners, they also could have helped the situation, we just don't know) and asked if I was risking anything by having another and he is fine with it.

I hope you can gather the info you need to make a choice. Sorry I don't have more fact-based info. I'll look for the insert and see if I can get you more info when/if I find one.
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