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December 5th, 2013, 02:35 PM
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The best way to track your O (ovulation) is by using a basal body thermometer and take your temp first thing in the morning before you do anything else (like sitting up, going to the bathroom, it is best if you barely move at all while getting your thermometer). You also need to take it at the same time every morning for it to be the most accurate. You can take your temp orally or vaginally, I prefer vaginally because my temps don't have dramatic highs and lows like it does when I take them orally. It is definitely best to take it vaginally if you are a person who sleeps with their mouth open because it can affect your temps as well.

Right before you O your temp usually drops and then once the egg is released your temps will start rising because of the progesterone in your system if your temp stays high for at least 3 days after your temp drop then you most likely O'd. A good online ovulation calendar site to use is fertility friend (you can click on the one in my siggie and see what I mean about temp drop and O'ing) with fertility friend once you O it gives you cross hairs (the red lines) and then you can see how many DPO (days past ovulation) you are. I have been temping and charting since Jan of this year and I now have a really good idea of when I am going to O because I know what patterns to look for.

It is a good idea to check your CM (cervical mucus) when you are getting ready to O because you have fertile CM around the time you O and it can be watery or it can have an egg white consistency (which sounds like what you might have had and it the best fertile CM to have). I usually also have pain in my ovary (from the side that I O from) but not every woman does.

Temping and charting can also help you see if you actually O'd or not. Many women gear up to O ) and then they don't. This will also help you to know if you are actually late for AF or if you O'd later in your cycle. I have long cycles because I take Progesterone after I O because my body doesn't produce enough of it on its own. So I usually O earlier in my cycle (this month it was CD13 and for several months before that I would O on CD12). It is a myth that all women O on CD14, I very rarely did even before I started taking the progesterone during my 2WW.

I hope this helped I am not an expert in charting but I am getting better at it. For example, last cycle I went back through and looked at all of my charts and I saw the same pattern over and over. Every month during 12-14 DPO my temps drop and each month af has showed. So now if I see a temp drop between those days this cycle I will know that af is more than likely on her way!! Good luck in TTC and I hope you get your BFP soon!!!!

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