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December 5th, 2013, 03:09 PM
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I usually get lots of gifts from my mom and other family/friends, so I like for my DH to have stuff to open too. DH's family does not give him (or me) gifts. (My mom always sends him a sweater- she has good taste- but I want him to have as much fun as me). He doesn't do any clothes shopping, so I'll get him some clothes, and then something bigger or special. Last year I gave him a new Kindle. One year it was a new fancy alarm clock and iPod dock. One year it was a new coffee grinder. Maybe a video game.

He hates shopping, and recently said something about how weird it felt for him to buy me a gift from "our" money when it would probably be something I'd buy myself anyway. I told him to suck it up I asked for a new iPod. Mine is on its last legs, and sure, I could buy a new one myself, and sure, it's "our" money. But I think gift giving is a nice gesture.
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