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December 6th, 2013, 04:34 AM
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24 + 5 weeks

I've taken the day off work today as its been a looong week and i'm tired, so its also the perfect opportunity to finally do a proper wedding update!

The day was amazing, the night before the wedding me and my bridesmaids stayed at the hotel. Due to travel, onlytwo of them could make it early enough for dinner so we went off to TGI fridays - yum!

The mornig of the wedding, we ordered breakfast room service and over the course of the morning our hairdressr, make up lady, my mum, the photographer and very briefly my dad, also joined us. We had two adjoining rooms so we had plenty of space to get ready.

Prior to the ceremony me and DH both had to meet with the registrar (separately of course) to confirm who we are lol. My dad also came along too as his details go on the wedding licence.

The ceremony was lovely, I managed to hold back the tears right until the end of saying my vows. My brother did us a reading and did a great job of it!

After the ceremony, we headed outside for photos and drinks. The rain even stayed away for the most part - yay! I had bought a bunch of white golf umbrellas 'just in case' and they came in handy when the rain did start and they came in handy as photo props.

Following photos - which was a very cold affair but good fun. Lovely to spend some time just me and DH (with the photographer of course). Afterwards we headed inside for the wedding breakfast. We had soup or tomato and mozerella salad to start, roast beef dinner or veg pie for main and treacle tart or baileys cheesecakefor pudding. The food was amazing! Lots of clean plates around the room, so we were pleasd with that.

After dnner was the speeches, first DH- where he shared with everyone that we're having a boy, or another 'best man' as he put it. Then my dad did a short speech which was nice and then DH's three best men did their speech jointly. Was very funny. If I ever get chance i'll upload it to youtube so you can have a watch.

Pretty much then everyone had a break, we took some more photos, people checked into their rooms etc.

In the evening we did our cake cutting - cake was AMAZING (photo to follow) and then our first dance Then the evening disco, which everyone seemed to enjoy. I didnt see much of DH in the evening though as we both spent time talking with our guests. I managed to last until 11.30pm so only missed the last 40 minutes of the disco, i'm a bit sad about this thinking back but I was beat and knew I had to get up at 5.30am to leave for the airport.

Theres so much more I could share but I would be here forever! In the meantime, here are a few photos. We are still waiting for the officia photos but the photographer has already shared a couple of sneak peaks which are exciting!


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