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December 6th, 2013, 11:09 AM
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Since I work from home it is obviously easy for me to hide the pregnancy for awhile. I am flying to meet with her for a week about our 2014 projects in January and will probably tell her then. Not because I will be showing but because I feel it is necessary as it will take a lot of training to have someone fill in for me when I take maternity leave. Our company is growing. FAST. The position I hold was only created a year ago (for me) and I am about to be bumped up in the company with a more formal manager title. I'm scared to tell her because a) I don't want to mess up my chances of receiving this new position & hopefully raise b) with the company growing so fast I am scared to leave it for a significant amount of time and miss out on other opportunities or advancements.

I know that legally I could sue their little butts off if they were to punish me in anyway for being pregnant and my sister works directly with my boss so I feel safe but still a little anxious. I was wondering if anyone else is having troubles with coming up with the right way or time to tell their employer? Any advice?

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