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December 6th, 2013, 12:52 PM
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We expect some winter weather. The most we usually get is some light freezing rain less than 1/8 inch a little sleet and several inches of snow. WHich snow is totally different from ice. We've had several major ice storms which left us without power for 3-5 days. But we rarely see a winter storm like this one. We currently have 1/4 inch(officially), several inches of sleet, and are expecting 1-3 inches of snow this afternoon. Thinking it will be snowing here within an hour. Roads are terrible, people are being encouraged to stay home unless its an emergency. This exactly what Dh and I are doing. We know how to handle ourselves on the road, but there are "idiots" everywhere. You know the drive to fast for the conditions type, so we stay out of the way.

Just 50 miles south and west of me are my parents. They are getting mostly ice. They lost their power about 10 am. When mom called it in they lady told mom she wasn't even able to give her a timeline estimate of when it would be back on.

Conditions are continuing to deteriorate and the big question is When will all this melt? We aren't expected to warm above freezing again before Thursday.

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