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December 6th, 2013, 02:34 PM
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You can find out what recordkeeping is required in your state or country here:

A-Z Home's Cool laws and legalities page

I totally overdid record keeping. It's kind of nice to have all the notebooks and word documents so that I could see what dd2 was doing when she was ds1's age and what the middles were doing when they were the ds2's age and I'm sure I'll get all sentimental about them someday the same way elderly people do about any sort of scrapbook or diary, but so not worth the time it took.

All ds1's school wanted was the names of the "courses", i.e., English Grammar, World Geography, Algebra I, Geometry, American History, etc. and how many "credits", which roughly translated into how many hours he spent studying a particular subject in an average week, and whether he "passed", which roughly translated into whether the materials were a good fit or did we scrap them and move on to something else.

They didn't even look at the years and years of spreadsheets and comments and notes and reading lists I brought in.

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