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December 6th, 2013, 04:37 PM
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I went to the midwife yesterday. The most boring appointment ever. Dorian has a strong HB in the 140's. My belly is measuring 1 cm ahead. BUT, my next appointment will be kinda crazy. I go in for my placental placement ultrasound, my GTT, my TSH draw, and a regular check up. Needless to say, Marsi is getting a babysitter because of the ultrasound that DH will not be going to. Crazy thing, it will be her very first non-grandparent babysitter! Over 2 years and she hasn't had a real babysitter. That appointment is in January.

I will also be scheduling my 3D ultrasound offered by my friend in a while too. I am getting really excited to see his face.

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