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December 7th, 2013, 03:14 PM
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I was trying to see in past threads if there was anything on Seton. I see there are many families here who do Christian programming but I haven't seen if anyone is doing specific Catholic Schools. I know there are many. I know Seton is the biggest and you can do it online or independent.

Just curious if anyone has any experience as it is expensive.

Pros I like: It is all set up and accredited. My husband is not 100% with homeschooling but when I explained that it is accredited like any other private school and that all the transcripts and everything are the same, he was ok with that. I like that there are teachers to help you with all the subjects and that the name is very recognizable and Seton students have gotten into most of the ivy league schools (not that I care about ivy league but it is nice to know it is competitive).

I also like the community as you have thousands of kids and parents going through the same thing and there is tons of support.

Cons: I want a faith based education and this may sound bad but it seems a little OVER religious. Like every book is about religion even the spelling and math. I don't want to go over kill. Also if I do that program then I can't sub in my own books if I think something is not a good match for my child.

IDK. I guess this is sort of the same question as that post about independent or online but this is a private expensive online.
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