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December 7th, 2013, 05:14 PM
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Hey everyone!

I am scared out of my mind and can't get any definitive good news at my appointments. I have had 2 previous miscarriages (both before a septum was removed in April of this year). Had a previous fullterm pregnancy in 2006 who is now a healthy 7 year old.

I am pregnant again. LMP October 24th. Had the tiniest bit of brown spotting last week (none since), and have been to the RE twice.

On my first appointment, at 5w 4d, the ultrsound showed a gestational sac and a yolk sac but no fetal pole (although the dr. said he saw a place where it MIGHT be forming). Had my blood drawn and the HCG came back at 14,037.

I went back yesterday for another HCG test at 6 w 0d. It came back this morning at 26,479. That is just over 72 hours between testing times. The nurse said the minimum they were wanting to see was 31,000, but that it was still a significant increase and all we can do is wait for my next ultrasound on Thursday (I will be exactly 7w then).

I kept asking her if I should be concerned about this and she just wouldn't give me any definitive answer, which, of course, freaked me out more.

From reading online, it seems that my HCG levels are pretty high (this is not anything the dr mentioned, but it appears that my #s are high). I read that once your #s get that high, it's normal for them to take longer to double. At this rate I am doubling every 85 hours (3.5 days).

So I am concerned that I didn't double. My other concern is that at 14037 HCG we weren't able to see the fetal pole. I have read also that when your #s are so high, you should be able to see more.

I know that I'm not getting any definitive answers until the u/s on Thursday (SIX DAYS AWAY!!!!!!), but I just wanted to see if anyone could give a clueless girl some kind of indication on whether this is reason for concern or not.

Both of my previous miscarriages were more like chemical pregnancies. I got a + preg test but never saw any indication of pregnancy on the ultrasound (no sac of any kind, no nothing). So I have more hope than with those, but everything they tell me concerns me!!

Help!! Thank you!
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