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December 7th, 2013, 08:08 PM
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1. how do you take your coffee? cream & sugar
2. do you eat breakfast regularly? what? does coffee count?
3. do you rent or own your home? own
4. bikini, tankini or one piece? Swim dress. Yes I do.
5. what are your top 3 tv shows? The most recent one I watched was New Girl and hated myself for liking it. We don't have cable, so it was what seasons Netflix had. Before that it was Poirot (DH calls it poyrot lol). DH is a gamer and I do this in my spare time. Not much TV watching here.
6. what color is your bedspread? blue
7. where are you in the line-up of your siblings? first, last, and only
8. what is the approximate population of the town you live in? (in general, not exact) county: 127k We're outside city limits. The closest town is 33k and is the county seat.
9. who was your pop music crush when you were a girl? hahahaha. Steven Tyler and Trent Reznor. But I did also have a Hanson phase. I refuse to explain.
10. what magazines do you read regularly? None. I refuse to pay subscriptions.
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