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December 8th, 2013, 06:28 AM
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Marcos was up several times last night, the last time being a 3:30am where he just would not go back to sleep. Kept on alternative between "talking" to himself and whining. I thought he was being fickle but then he made the biggest poop I have ever seen, had to run him a bath to clean him off. He finally went back to sleep at 6am until 8am, so I crawled back into bed too and tried to recharge my batteries.

I gave him squash for the first time yesterday, so I think he must have had trouble digesting it, which would explain the frequent wake-ups, the whining, and the massive poop! Guess I will put off the squash for now. So far he has done well with carrots and pears, but he had trouble digesting bananas. Any suggestions on what I can try next? I'm thinking maybe apples?
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