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December 8th, 2013, 11:26 AM
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29 weeks, 5 days

Symptoms: Feeling very pregnant -- hard to get comfortable, feet swelling by evening, itty bitty bladder, tons of movement.

Oh, and I have a cold. So that stinks!

Weight: Down another 1.5 lbs. I can not manage to put on any weight, despite my best efforts. My doctor isn't worried though.

Gestational Diabetes: Going well... the glyburide at night is helping my fasting numbers. Being sick is making them crazy. Overall, doctor isn't worried about it -- says I'm handling it very well -- better than most.

Cravings: Fruit Loops. Haven't broken down and got any, though...

Aversions: Pretty much all meat.

Baby Update: This little lady is hilarious! She's finally starting to play with her Daddy... kicking and getting all worked up when he talks to her and puts his hand on my belly. It melts my heart.

We also registered for some sweet baby things at Target on Friday. So that's fun!

DH Update: He is cool as a cucumber most of the time. Other times, he gets wigged out by how soon she'll be here. Now that she's interacting more with him, he can't get enough of my belly. It's so sweet -- he put his head on my belly the other night and just waited for her to kick him in the head.

Appointments: At my last appointment, my BP was high. My doctor is worried: she can't tell if I just have chronic hypertension again (it was one of the first signs of the intracranial hypertension), if it's pregnancy related, or if I have "white coat" syndrome. She says if it continues to stay elevated, she wants to talk about inducing at 37 weeks.

I honestly believe that they've been using the wrong cuff. My arms are big -- use the big cuff, nurse. It won't hurt my feelings... it'll give me an accurate reading for crying out loud! The first time she took it, it was 150/80. About 10 minutes later, she took it again using the big cuff and it was 112/68. Hello... that difference cannot just be a result of me sitting and relaxing.

I've been doing some prenatal yoga to try to help, regardless of what's going on. I really would like to wait until closer to my due date for this little girl to be born. A 37 week induction, while I'll do it if my baby needs me to... isn't my idea of a good time!

But basically, it means that I have 7-10 more weeks before she's here... EEEEEKKK!!!!

Other News: The preschool teacher had her baby last Tuesday, but started her maternity leave last Monday. So, I've had the kiddos for a week. It'll be an interesting experience, to say the least... but I'm loving it so much!!!

One-Act season is officially over. Whew! But now speech season starts -- which is by far my busiest time of the year. The team is so excited for the baby to get here so we can travel to tournaments with her. I have a feeling they'll be singing a different tune once she's actually here...

10 more school days until Christmas vacation!!!
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