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December 8th, 2013, 05:46 PM
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Also steamed carrots? Like super steamed so they are mushy lol. But avocado went over ok here. He preferred things with more taste though. We did BLW though.

We're just waiting for our furnace to go Caroline. It is original to our house and our house was built in 1989...our friend that is a furnace and air conditioner guy told us we'd be lucky to get through last its a hope and a prayer at this point! not a fan of having to replace it while I'm on mat leave :/ Hope its just a one off thing for you.

DH's truck was hit in the mall parking lot today. Like needs new bumper, rear fender, paint job, etc. etc. least $2,000 in parts before labour...stupid Dodge trucks! There was no way the person didn't realize they hit had to have been another truck since it was level with his bumper. And he was like 20 feet away from security cameras so they are unable to assist. Merry freakin Christmas to us. We're going to have to wait to fix it.
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