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December 9th, 2013, 12:17 AM
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A few days ago SO's ex called him to tell him that his oldest was in a really bad place. Aidan is 12 and has a form of Autism. He is an extremely bright kid academically as a lot of people, not just children with autism. So she called to tell him that Aidan got upset and hit her. She sent him to his room which she often does and he went in and somehow shattered his bedroom window than put two holes in his wall by throwing something at it. All while saying he wants to die and he wished he wasn't alive. SO said he hasn't acted out like this in a long time. Not to this degree. I know he get frustrated. Change is so hard for him. When he is here with us we talk to him and talk him through what is giving him anxiety as best as we can. His ex took it upon herself to take him off his medication. Why she would do that is beyond me but he does need it to control his anxiety and depression. She said that she will put him back on it but I want to know why she thought she knew better and took him off it in the first place. I asked SO why she would do that and he just said I don't know. I do hope she does what she said and puts him back on what he needs but I also am so concerned at what is going on there that he feels like that when he is there. It is so hard because when he is here is is constantly asking how many hours until he goes home and will ask am I going to make it home. Autism is a totally new ball park for me. So it is hard to know how much to be concerned and how much is "normal" for him. Anyone else have and experience with it?

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