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December 9th, 2013, 12:53 PM
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Ok so today I am 9dpo and tested with FMU fully expecting a BFN. But I got a line...only problem is it is SOO faint and I didn't really look at it until after 5 minutes which according to that particular test is past the time. Took another one, got another line. VERY faint. It does have some color to it but evap lines CAN have color.
I will have to wait 24-48 hours to really be sure that it was an evap. I have always gotten early BFP's, around 10-11dpo. And if this was not an evap then I should get a bfp tomorrow or the next day. If it WAS an evap but I actually am pregnant then of course I will get a bfp eventually. However, what I'm saying is to figure out what this morning's test was about, I will need to test tomorrow or the next day.

I'm so tempted to test right now!!! It has been 7 hours, lol.

UGH. Hate waiting. I would post a pic but I need a flickr account or something and don't have time to set one up. (Gotta go, am on limited window while the kids are doing their "rest" time)

I trust if this is God's plan it will be so, but waiting one more day stinks!!!

HERE IS THE UPDATE, 12/11, 11dpo sorry I don't have time to write more

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