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December 9th, 2013, 05:28 PM
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So I went today to an RE for the first time - and it was great - I really liked the docs (they're part of a med school, so met w/ a fellow and the doc). They took their time with me and were really great. The doc actually did the u/s herself, which I think is great! She said I do *not* have PCOS, and that my issues are most likely stemmed from my thyroid issues. She's going to go ahead and have me try letrozole (femara) to get me to ovulate normally, and hopefully that is all it will take. If not, we've got a plan in place. I'm also going to have the cycle 3 bloodwork drawn to get a better pic of my ovarian reserves. She said on u/s they looked a bit low... but the bloodwork will tell more.

She saw that I had ovulated this cycle on my right side - and showed me the egg and corpus luteum during the u/s - and we looked at my temps and saw it lined up (for some reason FF moved my day but I had moved it back and I was right in doing that). So that was really cool.

I also had a huge hemorrhagic cyst on my left side - she said it should absorb itself and it's nothing to worry about... I hope it does! It looked mean on the u/s, but I have no symptoms. I hope it goes away quick so it doesn't interfere w/ my treatment! SHe didn't mention that it should be a problem though.

ANyways, i'm super excited to have a plan!
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