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December 10th, 2013, 12:03 AM
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I've been waiting since the 4th to take a test! I've wanted to already but I was too scared to even buy one (or a million!) yet lol
I supposed I can hold off for a bit longer, I was originally going to wait until at least the 20th because if I don't get it by then, then there is an issue.

I'm trying not to stress out, but that seems to be coming naturally lol I've been listening to my body more than I ever have before at this point. That's why I'm afraid I may be somehow over thinking, but something is really telling me that I'm not over thinking at all. I've never had a little 'bleeding' spell like that before, not once in my life.
This wouldn't be something that I expected, or was even thinking about at all. I'm not in the best place to get pregnant, but I could also be in a worse place. I have an alright savings account, as does my boyfriend, and I know I would have all the support in the world, from both him and my family (after my families initial shock and disappointment of course). Just wanted to be married and planning this, not have it thrown at me.
I'll wait it out a few more days! Even though the past 6 days has already been killing me! lol I'm in a good mindset, but I won't lie when I say that I'm scared.
Thank you so much! It really means more to me than you know that I have someone to pop on and talk to!
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