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December 10th, 2013, 05:58 AM
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In a nutshell, soy isoflavones are supposed to act like "nature's clomid." They basically trick your body into producing more estrogen and induce ovulation in women who are not ovulating, or produce a stronger ovulation in women who do ovulate (though most sites don't condone taking it of you already O on your own, for fear that it could mess that up. You take it like clomid, for 5 days in the beginning of your cycle. Its been said that taking it early, like days 1-5 or 2-6 will produce MORE follicles, so some women use it to TTC twins. Taking it later like CD 5-9 will produce a more mature, better quality egg. Don't start soy after CD 5 though. If you Google search it, like soy isoflavones and TTC, it will bring up tons and tons of success stories and info about it. Its not for everyone but I figured it was worth a shot for me

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