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December 10th, 2013, 06:13 AM
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Okay I know that everyones body is different and every woman and I think one man (lol) have had different experiences with birth.... but why have I heard so many stories about a painless natural birth?

When I googled "painless labour, can it happen", I recieved a lot of good information. But nothing that can help me with actually not having any pain.

besically the things that I most liked was

Laboraide (with an e at the end) It's some kind of mouthpiece that is used to relax your body...

TENS MACHINE. not really sure what it is. I figure I have enough things to think about then strangling myself with one of the wires that are attached.

There are more ways but these are the only 2 that actaully work without being mentally able to focus.

Has anybody heard of these products?

If you haven't check them out. Tell me what you think. Even google: painless labor - can it happen. There are some wierd results.
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