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December 10th, 2013, 08:16 AM
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Hope you get lots of work done and that DS enjoys his playtime!

So I decided I'm going to get the most beautiful double jogging stroller...if I can raise $500 by selling crap we don't need anymore. I've got almost $350 in less than 2 weeks! I've posted things on kijiji, FB buy/sell groups, and our internal buy/sell board at work. The stroller, including the adaptor for my infant seat, is $800 before tax brand new but I can find them on kijiji for $500. I settled with the one I got with Cam and I regret it now so this is going to be my major purchase for #2, and it benefits Cam so I don't feel so bad. The only other items we *need* are diapers, wipes and clothes so its not too bad.

And we've decided not to fix DH's truck for a bit. He talked to a car-guy friend of his who gave him some wax type spray thing that will keep it from rusting over the winter. So we'll revisit fixing it when we get our tax refunds (they better be refunds lol).

I rarely get to snarky myself, I bottle it up which is just as bad in a way.
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