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December 10th, 2013, 08:36 AM
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i've been where you are, and it's easy to get worked up. i'm honestly glad you found this site, its a great place to vent this kind of anxiety, while getting some third party perspective in the process.

anyway, here are my thoughts.

if you had your period on october 15, then again on november 15, or thereabouts, then you have a 31 day cycle. you most likely would ovulate right in the middle of that, so, cycle day 15 or 16. that would put ovulation at november 29 or 30. so if you had sex right after your period, and your flow ended on the 20th, you were still like 9 or 10 days before ovulation. that's too early for conception to occur-- sperm can live up to around 5 days in your body, though, so keep that in mind in the future if you're not on bc!!

beyond that, implantation typically happens *about* a week after ovulation. so, if your ovulation date is the 29th, that makes your implantation date of november 4th pretty early.

so unless i have my facts wrong, my educated guess is that you didn't conceive this month. and honestly, your stress is probably having an effect on your body. the symptoms you are feeling may or may not be associated with your cycle, but since you're worried about this, you're connecting them. know what i mean?

if you hang out on this forum long enough, you'll see how common that is. it's happened to practically all of us! haha

anyway, if i were you, i'd hit up a dollar store for a cheap pregnancy test just to give you piece of mind. although... i'd wait until AT LEAST saturday to test if you're thinking your period's due on monday.
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