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December 10th, 2013, 03:48 PM
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I take Lovenox twice daily because I have an Artificial Aortic Valve, different doctors will treat this very differently. I couldn't find any doctor comfortable enough to switch me back to coumadin for 2nd/3rd trimester so I have been taking this shots for Most of my pregnancy.

Its really not as bad as it sounds, but I still hate them. My belly has grown but the fat I had still stays so I have plenty of it to pinch up and inject with. Its interesting when baby is kicking, but so far the kicking hasn't interfered with taking shots. I can see my veins pretty well, so I avoid those areas to keep from bruising and most of the time you can't tell I take lovenox. You'll also find certain areas of your stomach are more sensitive than others, I tend to avoid those as well, but the bigger my bump got those areas started to change.

Most of what makes Lovenox hard for me is a mental thing, not the actual shot. I know its a mental thing, so I can deal with it better. I can take the shot pretty much anywhere I go, and have taken it in all sorts of interesting places.

The biggest thing to prepare for with Lovenox is the cost. Most insurances don't like to cover it. Some won't at all, so you need to look to see what your insurance will cover. Mine pays all but $140 for it. So I have to come up with $140 dollars every 25 days (My insurance would only pay for so many boxes but that should not be a problem unless you are taking it twice a day)

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