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December 10th, 2013, 06:37 PM
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Amira, may I ask, you have the right to tell me to mind my own business....but what does your husband do for a living?

UM, if you see this how is your son and his girlfriend? Well both boys really?

FW I bet his Jimmy's will be aching for a while lol

MIL have fun!

I've got nothing new. I wrapped Megan's present in a big box then covered it with duct tape and shipping tape. Figured since it was all she wS getting I might as wel make her work for it lol

Settled on a CD player for Ted and some CD's....he has my old iPhone, but can't add music without loosing the 500+ songs on it. So I thought it was a creative solution.

It's cold, to **** cold for me. Had to be a heat lamp in with the chickens so the poor stupid things wouldn't freeze.
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