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December 10th, 2013, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by pmdc5286 View Post
What concerns me the most are the suicidal thoughts. I am going to ask some very specific questions for you because I have been there with Robert.

Why does he want to commit suicide?

Is he suicidial on his meds or off his meds?

If you want to share what meds he is on, I will see what I can find on stopping cold turkey. We were given very specific instructions to not stop all at once.

There is help out there for this. Your answers will help me work with you.
I have never heard him say that he wanted to so I can't say exactly what is happening when he says it to his BM. If we have a long drive or he has a long time to wait for something to happen he will ask "Will I make it", " I won't die before I get there", "This won't kill me". He has asked me these questions and I always tell him he will make it. There is no reason he wouldn't, he is safe with us and we wouldn't let anything happen to him.

I have no idea how long he has been off his meds and apparently SO doesn't either. Which concerns me as well, he should know these things. I expect him to know these things. The thing is when he is with us he is a different child. Yes, he has anxiety but he talks to us and lets us help him work through it sometimes with more tears than others. SO is very good with him.

SO told me what medication he should be on and for the life of me I can not remember. I want to say that it started with an L and it is an anti-depressant. I will find out what it is. He should have it the next time he comes here I am assuming.

Originally Posted by Stepmom2Be View Post
The kids I worked with before I got hurt were kids with social and emotional disabilities.

I would say the cold turkey cut off of the meds is what caused a lot of his anger issues.

We had a kid, the kid who hurt me actually. When he would get into a manic episode, he would attack us, and himself. He would slam his head on the floor. He would bit himself. He would grab his head and try to break his own neck. Once he came out of these episodes, he would literally have to ask us what he did. He would point to a bruise on his arm and say, "What happened?" And we'd have to tell him that he tried to hurt himself. He never understood what he was doing as he was doing it.

I can't say for sure, but it could be that he didn't know what he was doing or saying, just acting in the moment.

Kind of like when you get really pissed and throw your phone at the wall, and then wonder why you did it.
Aidan hasn't hurt himself (that I know of), he actually fears pain so I don't think he would hurt himself but when he gets mad he is destructive. SO said that he has put holes in the wall before and he made him patch it up (with his supervision) and re-paint it to teach him their are consequences for actions like that. He wasn't there this time to do that so I am not sure how BM handled it.
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