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December 11th, 2013, 08:26 AM
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Hope your Dd gets her licsense.

Fw you def showed restraint and was more than polite on that!! would have loved to seen the expression on their face IF you would have said that! lol

Number5 I have those days with D too..its exuasting.

M2M mind your own business!!

Kidding...Dh is a " Scientist " ..his PhD is from Chemical Engineering. His specialty is corrosion ...He invents coatings for things like ..uuh rusty pipes ect...I will send you a private email so please check that.

Going to the dentist this morning. Leaving at 10 am or so ...Going ALone!! yahhooo...

Baked some oatmeal pumpkin choco chip cookies this morning. Was breakfast for the kids..
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