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December 11th, 2013, 09:46 AM
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Im new to this forum and completely new to this situation. One minute Im making strides in my career & schooling and the next I'm holding a positive pregnancy test..I found out yesterday and I'm pretty sure I haven't come out of shock yet. I don't know whether to laugh or cry right now. I know I'm somewhere between 5-8 weeks along.
I told the man who is the father..we were never actually together but we're sleeping together since July and he's definitely the father.
So I told him, but the thing is he's 47 (I'm 23...don't judge please) and doesn't want another's just confusing...he told me "Are you going to keep it? It up to you" and I did tell him, I dont expect you to be apart of this, but I felt it was only fair to tell you. Then we fought over how this whole situation came to be. Then I told him I regretted telling him and that I was sorry. I havent heard from him since, but I figure I'll give him space...I'm not about to chase him down.
Honestly, I would rather him not be involved than a) he be unhappily uninvolved or b) be involved but walk away from the baby at some point. I've had my own biological parents walk in & out of my life over my 23 years and I don't want the same for my baby. I honestly doubt he'll be involved.
I have yet to tell anybody this point I feel it's best to wait till after christmas and once I figure out some sort of plan...I've ruled out abortion...I just can't...& adoption, may be an option..right now I just don't feel like I can think straight.
I feel somewhere between alone, scared and confused.
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