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December 11th, 2013, 02:12 PM
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mine had similarities, but between the boys and this baby, there are some differences. with Kale, i threw up every day for the first 25 weeks. with Keegan (granted i was wearing seabands and eating a lot of yogurt early in the mornings) i only had a few instances of morning sickness. this time around i've maybe had a few days of queesy, but nothing more.

with kale, i carried him very low. he literally looked like a basketball under my shirt. same with keegan, but he was carried very high. this time around it's too early to say

with Kale & Keegan, from my perspective, i wasn't all that moody. now i'm a psycho.

with Kale i craved mustard. just mustard. straight from the container. with Keegan, it was chocolate milk. now, i have aversions to practically everything and i have to force myself to eat.

with Kale i thought i was having a boy. with Keegan, i thought i was having a girl (and my ultrasound tech TOLD me he was a girl). this time around i think it's a girl. but idk if i just think that because that's what i really REALLY want.

Kale had a pretty consistant heartbeat in the 140-145, keegan's was 150's. this time i haven't been told the heartbeats per minute yet.

labor with Kale totaled 25.5hrs including pushing. Keegan was induced and 6.5 hours of labor. we'll see for this one.

with the two older boys, there were similarites and some differences. the joys of each pregnancy!
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