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December 11th, 2013, 02:42 PM
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Hi all - first post here!
I signed up because I am in perimenopause (at 43) and have had no period for 5 months. I was googling to find the accupressure points to bring on AF and came across this message. So I REALLY wanted to add that I used the index finger/thumb point and the one on the ankle and LITERALLY within one hour I saw my first show!!!!! Five months of hoping and praying this wasnt all over - and this simple technique worked so well. What I do know is I was ready - IE have had tender breasts for about 3 weeks so I knew something hormonal was going on (as opposed to the months prior having hormonal hot flushes!), but this definitely helped to bring it on. Honestly, it blew my mind and I audibly gasped with delight. Hooray for periods and hooray for accupressure - and hooray for the original post! So so so so so so GREAT!!!!!!
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