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December 11th, 2013, 07:13 PM
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I know exactly what you are talking about my babies had those also. He will probably love it and DS will be happy because he's the one who picked it. I'm being pulled in two directions on the baby thing now. My heart is heavy over it. I feel like God is telling me to die to this want. I heard it again today when I read my primetime. DH came home lastnight and asked me how I could feel about taking fertility drugs. He was 100% against them before. Now he would like to try them. I'm like GOD what do YOU want because you're confusing me. But I just went and reread the reading. Here it is. Not only has God spoken He has repeated himself. If I didn't hear it the first time I certainly heard it the second time. When faith doesn't see results it challenges what we believe. We must pray as Job prayed: "Teach me what I cannot see" (Job 34:32). God says there is a purpose in everything we go through. Later that day another friend who once had the same issues, but was now better, had a word of encouragement. "God is going to reveal things to you through this season of adversity that you would never receive had you not gone through this. This is part of your calling even though Satan is the instrument. God is always bigger than Satan's afflictions."

Our greatest tests come when we cannot see positive results from our faith and obedience. In such cases we must die to our expectations and entrust them to our Lord."

Maybe what God is telling me is to die to this expectation so that I can entrust it to Him so that He can work here. HA! just typing that out helped me I suppose.

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