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December 11th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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Hahaha, you guys kill me!

I actually didn't start running till after I had Cam. And I love it and miss it! I can't wait to start up again. I'm up to $350 of my $500 goal so its totally doable, especially once I add in some Christmas money.

So we got a bunch of snow not tons but the most we've had so far. And people are like "OMG! I've never seen snow!" Took me over half an hour to get to my midwife appointment and normally takes me 10 minutes. Appointment went well, all is good. Then we had Cam's 15 month checkup (even though he's 16 months tomorrow), and it was supposed to be at 11:20....we didn't get in till 12:30! He was in meltdown mode...he is normally napping by then...I'm glad I fed him before the appt! He is all good, 24lbs 13.5oz. Doing good for all milestones etc. But I reamed at them...who wants to sit with a toddler in a dr's office waiting for an hour and a half (because of course I'm always early) that has no toys!!!! Please call me and tell me you are significantly behind and we will adjust. The nurses said that people were late because of the weather. The dr. said it was because she had a suicide attempt come in. Um, get your stories straight and work with your patients. I was livid. I was late back to work and late for a meeting. Which could have been avoided if I could have made arrangements instead of chasing Cam around.

Anyways, frustrating day. But glad good appointments overall. Oh and my feet were wet, the seals on my boots finally gave out so I got new ones tonight, thank goodness.
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